Friday, August 29, 2014

The Articles for A Proposed New Constitution

These are the proposed new article. In the coming weeks, I will post one article a week in full, with explanations and arguments for them.
Article 1- Continuing and Expanding the Original Constitution and its Amendments

Article 2- Insuring Greater Democracy

Article 3-Guaranteeing the Right to Vote

Article 4-Ending the Buying of Elections

Article 5-Voting Guarantees Benefits

Article 6- Limiting Corporate Power

Article 7-Ending Colonialism

Article 8-Renouncing War

Article 9- Referendums and Recalls

Article 10- Nonprofits for the Public Interest

Article 11- Ending Institutional Support for Hatred and Discrimination

Article 12-Ending Class Bias in the Law

Article 13-Ending Special Treatment for Wealthy Elites

Article 14-Limiting Idle Wealth

Article 15- The Right to Privacy

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